Summer is here my friends!

I got back from Mt Hood at the beginning of the month. We went there to finish our parts for the next Psykopit video 'Fiasco!'. We hang out with the Nitro dudes on their Camp at High Cascade, where Onboard’s happy 'snappy' shooter Peter Lundstrom was trying to get proactive finding creative things to do. Then we headed down Encinitas for some surfing, and a lot of partying. Some of us nearly got stuck in Mexico, but that’s a long story – and rather shameful – so I’ll stop there. After this I went to Barcelona for the Bread & Butter show before going back on snow for some coaching in Les Deux Alpes with the Girlie Camps. I see what you gonna ask : where the girl’s hot ? Well to be honest they were about 16 so I didn’t want to end up in prison...

Right now I’m working on my video part, and off to Portugal with L’Arrogs for a city contest. You’ll get more on this as soon as I’m back. After this, I hope I’ll have more time to chill a bit in Hossegor in August, that will be my vacation. That’s it for now, enjoy the pictures ! I’ll be back with an update after the Big Air in Portugal.