Summer is almost gone. It was a great one although they're always too short, aren't they?

I spent two weeks in The States with Jonas Hagström and Onboard photographer Peter Lundström. Together we had a great week in Mt Hood and a couple of vacation days in Portland and Seattle. I've also been in Nürnberg together with the whole Pirate posse for intro filming. That was a dizzy week in the oldest red light district in Germany. I was also supposed to be on the DeeLuxe camp in Sölden but they had to close the glacier 5 days before we got there due to large crevasses.

So there wasn't much snowboarding for me this summer which actually was pretty nice since summer riding is too hot anyway :-)

At the moment I'm having a couple of weeks off here in Östersund before my Marketing studies starts. So this fall is going to be busy with that and full of premieres and parties all around. Be sure not to miss the Pirate Premiere in Göteborg on the 7th of October. And in Oslo the day before!

In the meantime, go out and discover some mean ass metal music to embellish the rainy autumn days.