The boy nicknamed Spazza gives us the lowdown on day 2 of the Nike 6.0 European team's trip to Saas-Fee.

Today was the first day filming and taking photos on the hill it was EPIC. Getting up at six thirty was hard but with the knowledge of the slope being Super sick. The hill was so fun shredding with all the Nike 6.0 crew.

By lunch time the park was like slush puppy, fun to get some slush slashes, Still we put in the hours and got some sick footage. After we got off the hill we were all needing a BIG sleep, but instead we went climbing in the trees.

After an adventure of a lifetime we got to the end where there was a massive, and when I say massive I mean MASSIVE zip line going over 200 meters high, over a gorge. If that wasn’t enough of an epic day.

Write to me and tell me what can better this day.

Peace Out!! Sparrow Knox