Welcome to our brand new lifted and gifted website! So yes, what is an editor of a snowboard magazine doing in the middle of the summer? Well, working on the first issues of the season duh! Gathering texts, pictures, that old chesnut...

Enjoying a very hot weather in Munich also, after enjoying the football. Well until the final at least. And to all those who gave me shit when France lost to Italy, I'll ask two questions: did you have a good time watching your team? Because I did. And who scored 3 goals in two WC finals? Ok now, this is done. Next.

When I take a look at all the amazing shots we got here from all over Europe, I'd like to tell you more about the contents about the coming issues... But I'm sorry you'll have to wait until end of August to have a first taste of the season, I won't say anything, even under torture. Right chaps, enjoy the sun, and the new website when it's not so sunny.