Mottolino Snowpark in Livigno, Italy stands as the biggest Snowpark in Italy and one of the largest/best ones in entire Europe. With a total of 43 rails and boxes, 19 jumps and two halfpipes the numbers also speak for themselves. As if that is not enough the resort of Livigno also offers antoher two parks in the winter time, one on the opposite side slope of Livigno village and one toward the bottom station of the Mottolino cable lift station.

The Mottolino snowpark is devided into four seperate areas that offer features suitable for begginers to pros. Lines are tagged from S to XL.

The S line

  • It consists of 7 jumps, going from 2 to 5 meters and is therefore suitable for children and begginers.

The M line

  • Equipped with 4 kickers goning form 4 to 8 meters and rails at the end it is mostly used by freestyle schools.

The L line

  • 5 kickers going from 12 to 16 meters of flat and rails toward the end of the line.

The XL Line

  • Home of the PRO´s starting with a kicker of 19 meters, followed by a huge gap of 18 metres, kicker of 21m and a 16m fun box at the end.

But that is not all. There is also an airbag jump sponsored by Swatch and all new for this year the Metro jibbing area with street like features/objects covering 25.000 square meters.