In cooperation with "", "Gentlemen Riders" and other sponsors they have build the snow park on the italian glacier 3.200 meters above sea level. Located at the Val Senales/Schnalstal glacier in South Tirol it streches on over 120.000square meters of the glacier area. It offers an easy, medium and a proline so that every taste can be satisfied. The park is daily taken care of by the F Tech crew, so that everything is shaped into perfection.

It´s opened until late July so you will be able to catch some summer snow action in one of Gentlemenriders SummerCamps from 12.06. to 25.07.2010.

Easy Line

  • straight box
  • kinked box
  • up tube
  • kicker 1,5 m and kicker 2 m

Medium Line

  • straightbox 7 m, kicker 5 m, kicker 9 m
  • f-tech jib bowl, kicker 5 m, kicker 9 m
  • downbox 7 m, kicker 5 m, kicker 9 m
  • rainbow box, tubestop, funbox 4 m with tube
  • funbox 6 m, cornerhip, pinic table, kink gap box
  • funbox 5 m with tree bonk
  • funbox 6 mt with corner

Pro Line

  • step down kicker 7 m; kicker 12 m; treestop, kicker 15 m
  • step down/transfer kicker 7 m; kicker 18m + kicker 24 m, corner

Pro Rail Line

  • downrail 12 m
  • double kink 15 m
  • canon box 6 m + up canon rail 7 m