We want to let you know that SnowBroader is back for good! So check us out because we have a brand new concept, logo and style!

We have worked hard during the summer to build the first 100% focused Premium Snowboard Blog Network! For you it's a unique opportunity to get a direct contact with your favorite brands, riders, photographers, film crews, snowparks, events through their PROblogs! And of course SnowBroader is still the place to get your daily e-shred fix thanks to our BROblog.

Today SnowBroader already features PROblogs from the World Snowboard Day, the TTR World Tour, professional photographer Christian Brecheis, pro-riders Cyril Neri, Tj Schneider and Anne-Flore Marxer, film crews Storbis, Isenseven and Pirates, and brands such Les Ettes, FST Handwear, Eesa and Aaven snowboards; with many more to come!

So what are you waiting for? Check out SnowBroader and subscribe to our feeds via RSS , email or even directly on your mobile phone if you have a Twitter account. And spread the news!

Thanks for your support! Nico & Phil

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