Some pretty nice display of football went down this morning in Biarritz, and all the teams - Spain, England, France, Switzerland, Austria and Locals - fought very seriously to try and reach the knockout stage, and the semi-finals. The English team, led by Jenny Jones, obviously suffered from the heat and the bright sunshine, and didn't look as confident than under Monday's rain - like in real football, shall I say? Switzerland on the other hand showed some great skills, and Nicolas Mueller and his team managed to qualify for the semis by beating the Three Lions 2-1. Later on, Spain's pride was strong enough to defeat again Ed Leigh's men, which pretty much put all the team on the same level of points.

In the other groups, the rest of the teams were then stuck in front of the blackboard showing the current ranking, and after France and Locals' draw (2-2), we knew that the last opposition could be decisive for the qualification. France on one side, Austria on the other, the loser of this match wouldn't reach the semis. A great tension kind of paralysed the game for the first half. But pushed by all the other teams chearing, both teams gave it all to end up in... a draw, 0-0. That result gave 1 point to each team, just enough for France to knock out Spain from the top 4. The late wake up from the Spanish team against England wasn't enough to go through, unfortunately for Iker Fernandez and his mates. With 2 draws in one day, France did the minimum to qualify - like in real football, shall I say?

SEMI FINALS: Friday at 7PM - Stade du Polo, Biarritz

England - France Switzerland - Austria (aka Innsbruck UTD)


PARTY Friday evening @ Arena, Biarritz.

PS: the We’ve Got Balls tournament - in association with ‘My Charitable Life’ - is going global with the first football World Cup for the snowboard industry. A classic format of group - with 7-a-side teams, including at least one girl - and knockout stages, that we entered now, will decide not only the title but also the Golden Boot award on this coming Friday. After the final, the winning team will donate a €1000 to the charity of their choice.

Allez les fucking Bleus!