Hey blogreaders.

Hope you're all doing well. Our first school weeks are done already and we got some good points as well. We spent the last weeks without snowboarding, took a little break and went to some video premieres.

My favourite one was of course the isenseven 'Prediculous' one, awesome party with my friends and watching them on the big screen.

Vince Urban & Alex Schiller did a great job with their crew over the last season. Right now we are in Saas Fee in switzerland for a training with the national team. Park and snow conditions are good. We stay until friday and then a bunch of us move to Hintertux for two days. We have a photo shoot for the ratiopharm snowboard team there. After that Tobi & me have to go back to school. We already have some further plans for the beginning of the season: next we will take part in the pow wow rail battle in the city of Augsburg, Germany and in December we will join the air & style rookie session in Munich. Afterwards we are going to go to the US for training with the national team again.

Those are the first plans we have and, yeah, of course we will go filming with the isenseven crew this year agian. That´s what I love to do the most.

All the best,