The link between art and snowboarding is obvious. Snowboarding is special as a sport because it lets riders express their creativity in the way they style their tricks or use the terrain to leave their signature. On the other hand, a snowboard is a great canvas for artists. There are a lot of examples of artist riders (think only about Jamie Lynn, Temple Cunnings, Jason Brown, TJ Schneider, Gigi Ruf...) and more and more examples of artists applying their creativity to snowboarding.

Last week we had the chance to meet Megan from Jeremyville and Arno from Rossignol snowboards at the vernissage of the Jeremyville expo in Artoyz in Paris. It's was great for us to learn about how the people from Rossignol met Jeremyville and asked them to work on the graphics of their RETOX model for 2008/09. Check out this video interview we recorded with Megan and Arno and get creative!