Yes- we’ve all been there and probably done that – snaked on the lift line, shop line or any other line for that matter. It’s a jungle out there and well; sometimes you just gotta bend the rules a bit. I guess snaking is a state of art in a way, as you definitely don’t wanna get caught doing it or piss someone off BY doing it. So if you are under 18 and consider yourself as the king of snakes – check out where your nearest Forum Youngblood tourstop will be at – and come show your skills. We would love to see some good riding too, which is absolutely part of being a king in this snake biz.

I won’t touch the subject of snow, or better said the lack of it, but will say that the Forum team is making the most out of it, and some of them – like Peter König and Daniel Ek – are heading to the States for the white stuff. The rumour says that e.g. Whistler & Colorado areas are swamped with snow. Peter is actually already in Breckeridge, filming with the Isenseven crew. Daniel just did the Pleasure mag’s “Friends & Fondue" set in Switzerland and apparently was killing it! Now he plans to follow Peter to the US as currently Europe is not really the most ideal place to be at, if you are a pro snowboarder.

So see you again soon, my snake mates – on the pics attached you can find some of Forum’s absolute fav snakes. Laters!