Hey! Wow, this weekend was epic! It was the 2nd stop for the Burton Scrap Metal, and came to Breahead Xscape. The park was amazing and the best feature has to be the Down Flat Down, this was great fun and there was some great tricks been put down. I got off to a good start in the jam session, and after trying the 50-50 to front 270 on the down flat down for like 6 runs i finally landed it. This was a great feeling because this was a new trick for me. The riding was a high standard and there was over 60 competitors, the set up was great and there was even a skip at the bottom. This was a great feature and looked to be a hit for the night. The qualification was read out, and I was in the final, I was so stoked to be in. My first run went well and I landed an epic off a run getting the 50-50 to frontside 270 on the down flat down. But the second run didn’t go to well after i caught my edge after the down rail. This was a great final and you could tell everyone was tired after. This was a great result and I picked up the 1st prize overall. Thanks Burton for the great comp! Take care Jamie