Please click on, add your name to the digital petition list and save a unique Munich attraction from its demolition!

Surfing in Munich has a long tradition and even the Stormrider Guide Europe features this unique river wave in the middle of Munich. As with many things in life that are fun, bureaucracy wants to destroy it! Some conservative politicians think it is too dangerous for people to surf here - even though people are surfing here since more than 20 years and no surfer has ever died here or been seriously injured.

But the wave is situated in a small river that flows through the English Garden, a huge public park, and in summer hundreds of people are swimming in this river. About one kilometer behind the wave, an Australian drowned this summer, as well as two people who were obviously drunk and fell into the river. This is reason enough for the politicians to proceed plans to shut the wave down as they say we are a bad example and people don´t take the dangers for serious when they see us surfing there. They completely ignore that every sunny day hundreds of tourists and locals - young and old - stand on the bridge above the wave, watch the surfers for hours, smile and are even applauding - it makes people happy! You can read more about this issue on - please help us to save our wave!