I know that there are already a lot of initiatives trying to do so but there can´t be enough of them as our oceans and rivers are still way too polluted and people still don´t care as much as they should!

This morning I received an email from The BLUE Climate and Oceans Project who is asking you to make a BLUE Pledge – a simple promise made online to change just one extra thing in your life to make a difference to the world’s climate and oceans. It is WORLD OCEANS DAY this coming Sunday, June 8!

I already signed up and took the pledge to collect some rubbish everytime I go surfing at the river wave here in Munich. But that is not everything: I will also kick every person´s ass who throws cigarette butts into the river and unfortunately there are still many locals/ tourists and even surfers doing this!

The project has ambassadors like pro snowboarder Dan Wakeham or surfer Ben Skinner who all made their pledge already. From ‘using a water filter instead of buying bottled mineral water’, to,‘recycling your old beauty product bottles’, or by ‘using biodegradable surfwax’, BLUE Pledges are simple small promises of extra effort that combined throughout the world will change things for the better.

You might think that your effort is just a drop in the ocean, but a drop spreads ripples, and ripples turn into waves.

Just visit the website of THE BLUE PROJECT and click on the 'Make a BLUE Pledge' button!

PS: On June 20th, it is International Surfing Day, so go surfing, enjoy time with your friends and if you see plastic bottles, chocolate paper or cigarette butts just pick them up - you will be rewarded with good karma and lifelong waves!