It was always my dream to own a motorhome and I couldnt be more happy to let you know that I finally bought one...

I moved out of my apartment in Mammoth and caught a ride up to Canada where I will be staying for an unknown amount of time - filming a bit with the Alterna guys. Watch the teaser for their new movie KNOCKOUT!

I was looking for places to stay when I came across this great 1982 Chevrolet Motorhome on - one of my favorite websites. A buddy drove me down to Vancouver to look at it. It is 30 feet long and built on a 454 engine. It only has 77.000 miles on it and still a bright future ahead. It is actually exactly my same age - haha....!!! The inside is very comfortable and feels much like a home! It has beautiful 80s style plush and a fake leather dash board. I havent figured out how to use the gas or water tanks yet - but I have only owned it for one week. At least I know how to use the toilet and dump the black water tank.

I have not visited the world wide web for over a week now, which is very untypical for me. Right now I am camping in the Grouse Mountain parking lot - overlooking the city of Vancouver. I could not have a sicker place to stay. The city looks beautiful from up here and my bedroom has 270 degrees of huge windows!

Grouse Mountain built a really fun feature for Alterna and we have done a little bit of riding on it. The weather was only nice for one day so far - but that day was epic: we hit the obstacles all through the sunset, with Vancouver and the entire sky colored in this beautiful sunset light. It is a great place to be snowboarding at!!!

More trips are being planned right now and I cant wait to go on more adventures in Beautiful British Columbia!