Yes, on the very beach that me and Carro surf everyday now, here in Brazil, a guy got shot while trying to save his gold chain from being stolen. Three weeks ago a civil female cop shot two youngsters while they were about to rob the local food mart two blocks away. And a month ago when we visited Carro's cousins their little internet café got robbed and the worker got a pistol against her head.

But Brazil is not all about being scared of getting robbed. The surf is great! Beer and fruit is cheap and the weather is lovely. But winter is getting its cold grip on good old mother north and it's time to head back to embrace the white gold.

After spending a month here I can assure you that it's not a myth that Brazilians love football. I found out by watching people playing on the beach (everybody can handle a football) and by visiting the Santos soccer museum (Pelé's old club).

Next time I'll probably blog from the cold north. Enjoy.

(Yes I know how gay it is to put tourist photos of yourself in a blog but whattaheck... )

Music tip: Marduk - Panzer Division Marduk