Yesterday was the first day of practice at the 2008 Oakley Arctic Challenge and graced by warm weather and clear skies, the near perfect quarter provided a smooth launch pad for an impressive array of international and local riders. It was in this stadium, in 2001, that Heikki set the first world record by flying the highest, and with such a perfect obstacle and high level of competition we may well see this record, and perhaps that set by Terje last year, broken this week.

Riders were tentative about giving their all on the first day of practice but by lunch the 6.5m mark had already been breached. Risto Matilla was trying an array of tricks in preparation for Thursdays straight air / upside down / spins cash contest, while locals Daniel Josefsen and Fredrik Scuderi were getting a feel for airtime. There is also last year's defending champion Kevin Pearce, who is currently placed second in the TTR world rankings. Depending on his results here, he may unseat the current series leader Risto Matilla.

Day two of practice was alas tamed by a persistent fog. Lets hope that tomorrow brings clear skies and cool temperatures for the straight air / upside down / spin cash contest


Daniel Josefsen getting some fresh air.