I just came back from Ischgl, Austria, where we did an Onboard photo shoot with some of the world's best rookies.

Straight after the World Rookie Fest 2009 Onboard invited some of the best rookies to a photo shoot with photo ed Sami Tuoriniemi. Our crew consisted of Roope Tonteri from Finland (17 years old, World Rookie Champion 2009), Kevin Backström from Sweden (16 years old, 2nd place at World Rookie Fest finals in Ischgl), Eskil Korneliussen from Norway (18 years old, 3rd place at World Rookie Fest finals in Ischgl), Sven Thorgren (14 years old, World Rookie Grom 2009), Teddy Koo from Japan (18 years old, winner of the Korean Rookie Fest), Darek Bergmann (18 years old, 2nd place at the Czech World Rookie Fest) and Tim-Kevin Ravnjak (12 years old, groms winner of the Slovenian Rookie Fest) - wow, this promised to be some funny and long days!

Everybody was super stoked to get the possibility to shoot with one of Europe's finest snowboard photographer and the kids wanted to show their best which they certainly did. They not only hit the huge monster in the park (20 meter table) that Klaus Marco and his crew have shaped for the World Rookie Fest (12 years old TK surprised everybody, including himself, at the very last day and killed the beast!) but also the bars in Ischgl (this is the good thing about being a rookie: you can drink as much as you want and party as hard as you can but you will still be able to get up early the next morning and do 7s and 9s over the biggest kickers in the park). More about the World Rookie Fest and the Onboard shooting will follow in one of next season's mags, so watch out!

A big thank you goes to the tourism board in Ischgl, Meinhard Trojer, Marco Sampioli, everybody from the World Rookie Fest, Klaus Marco and Kathi (you are the best!)...