Got up at 7.30 this morning and the plan was to get a morning session on the big 27 meter monster. It was such a beautiful blue bird day but the weather forecast predicted high winds. This was spot on, the journey up looked nice, but we could hear the wind from inside the car, it was mental.

We got out to find the wind ridiculous, I could lean against it so hard and it would push me back the other way, so the kicker session was pretty much instantly out of question for the day. Still keen to ride we met up with the Pirates who were up their trying to film and had a little fun session an a natural wind lip, (super sick to do all sorts of flips) I managed a frontflip 360. Stoked!

Luckily one of the guys who we are shooting here also works as park shaper at Folgefonna, so we got to set up some original stuff to ride and shoot on. He got the cat placed perfectly for us to have a rad session on the big ass metal bit on the front of the machine. That didn’t look so good in the day so we went up at sunset to get the shots which look chilling.

Got down the hill at like 10 after checking out a road gap but it was way too windy so I think we will hit it tomorrow if the wind dies down. Fun day though despite the hurricane.

- Sparrow.