It's a bit like living 'The Never Ending Story', but for real. Every morning that we pull the curtains on the beautiful vallee of Les Angles, it's bluebird, warm, and quiet. So warm that I'm starting to get scared for our very own Finnish photographer Sami T, who's obviously not so familiar with those temperatures. The best thing is the snow is still around and scoping in that sick terrain for spots isn't too difficult - thanks the storm for all the broken trees. Sh... What did I just say? Or maybe the best thing is to be surrounded by over motivated people, shapers, filmers - especially Julien Mata from French Kiss Productions, riders and people from the resort, who are working day and night to put together the most fancy - and scary - obstacles. You'll just have to scroll down a little after this scribbling to see by yourself what I'm talking about. Anyway, that was just a teaser for you to dribble until you see the whole story on paper very soon. Right, I'm back working on my tan. Tata!