Dear blogreaders,

Hope everthing is going good. We had vacations over the last week and spent most of the time on the road. First I was at home for two days but then we moved to Hintertux for some training with the national team.

Normally we would want to stay longer but because of the bad weather conditions we decided to leave after two days of riding there. But those two days were a blast, apart from our team member Andre Kuhlmann aka "jorma" hurting his shoulder. His balljoint got popped out by a trick in pipe and blew up an important ligament - he has to get surgery this Friday. Good luck!

After Hintertux I went to my grandparents house in Berchtesgaden and met up with some friends. I organised a house party because my grandparents were on holiday but had to leave the next day already again. I went to Augsburg (city in Germany) were the Powwow Rail Battle 06 took part over the weekend. Friday was qualification and Saturday the battle and then final. I made it to the finals but couldn´t reach the podium finally. But that´s alright, the riding was fun.

I enjoyed spending a lot of time there with my friends from isenseven, already looking forward to the film season with them. Next weekend I will go to the Dachstein for the pleasure jam there: the event where I blew up my acl last year. Hope I can drive home with better memories this year afterwards!

Take care,