This year again, the very active and eco-friendly Mountain Riders association organises on Sunday 27th of May a day for collecting garbage on the mountain. Each mountain range, each resort, with volunteers, local authorities and whoever wants to help are invited to participate. It will start in the morning with picking up all the undesired objects under chairlifts, on slopes, at the front of the resort etc. Just to give you an idea, last year about 1000 volunteers helped collecting 9 tons of crap on the moutain - plastic bottles, cans, plastic bags and so on - and about 450Kg of cigarette filters!

You'll also be invited to a lunch later on, and lots of animations, games, eco-quizz, conferences, exhibitions, films and concerts. All you'll need is a pair of gloves and a fait bit of good will, to join the snowboard family and do something concrete for our mountains - if I can say so!

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