Hey readers! Hope everybody is fine - unfortunately this is not the case with our winter! At my home in Berchtesgaden the last two days where warm like in springtime. So I went fishing and skating. Those of you who know that I had a knee injury probably are surprised now, because I said I went skating. For those who dont know, I blew up my ACL in New Zealand this summer and had to have a surgery. Now, since a few weeks, I´m allowed to ride again. Not high level shit yet but enough to ride the small stuff beside the slopes. In about a month I will be allowed to jump and spin again if everything is going good. So far everything went fine and Inm happy to be back o track. I have good support fom Burton, Oakley, O2 and all my other sponsors so soon you will see me again! Until then, check out my crew at http://www.isenseven.de - good new teasers online now.

Later girls - later boys.