Two weeks ago I brought my girlfriend and took off to the other side of the earth, namely New Zealand.

After six flights and one night spent in Singapore we finally arrived in Queenstown, a beautiful town west on the south island. Two days later we found ourselves in Wanaka, the town where everybody that comes for snowboarding stays. We met up with a Swedish friend, Cecilia, and went for a late walk in town. All of a sudden a familiar voice shouted my name and there, with a glorious new moustache stood Tor from Stockholm and coach of the Dutch snowboard team. Apparently there had just been a half pipe world cup in Cardrona and everyone was upstairs at a party. We joined him for a beer which quickly turned out to be closer to 10 beers. It was funny to see that, regardless from us being on the other side of the world, there were about the same people you would normally meet at any summer camp in Europe.

Carro and I had some days to ride in Snowpark before I met up with Fischi of Pleasure and Vernon, freelance photographer, to get some work done. Me and Fischi shot a wooden quarter pipe and an early pipe session and with Vernon we did a rock jib that he'd shaped for a whole day. Elias Elhardt was the first guinea pig to try the rock and it resulted in the worst slam I've seen in a long time. He totally overshot the stall spot and landed on the other side of the rock flat on his back after a 4 meter drop. He was over the session but he insisted that he was alright. Young but tough guy.

Fishci and Vernon left very satisfied of their stay and me and Carro stayed for another couple of days. We'd just bought a camper/mini van that we wanted to start touring NZ with so we left Snowpark and headed for some Lord of the Rings locations. Must say the nature down here is truly amazing! Been shooting 200 nature photos and will probably shoot 100000 more before this trip is over! Today I shot a dolphin, penguin, parrot and a seal! Not bad.

Next stop is the very south of NZ before we start heading to the north island. Enjoy fall until next blog.

Music tip: Naglfar - Pariah (Swedish black metal)