One day in Saas Fee!

8:00 It's Monday morning and a beautiful day here in Saas Fee, Switzerland. After a quick breakfast of eggs and bacon, me and my roommates put our gear on and went up to the glacier for another day of perfect shred!

9:00 - 14:00 I'm at the bottom of the Pipe, "the chill-out spot" for all the riders, drinking lots of water to avoid getting headache (the pipe is at 3500 m.a.o!). Today was no doubt the best of our whole trip. I could tell by the perfectly shaped park, the awesome weather and good friends!! After doing some test runs to get the feeling, I hooked up with Kevin Backstrom and a camera, they made a great combination and we kept shredding together the whole day. To mention a few highlights, I put down my first 9's and 10's of this season, while Kevin was dropping huge fs 10's all day. You should check out the movie to see our sick line at the very end!

14:00 – 15:00 At this time we (the Norwegians) sat down to enjoy a coke at the famous restaurant on top of the mountain. We watched the movie shots of today, got some tan on and made jokes about life, FUN!

16:00 – 23:30 The clock is around four and I'm sitting on our balcony with a glass of orange juice, listening to some thrilling beats on the stereo and I am really feeling the true spirit of Saas Fee, awesome! The rest of the evening was spend at the skate park and making the movie you are about to see! Cheers, Gjermund!