Christ knows how it happened but Onboard has gone American. Fear not Euro-folks it is not another invasion a la WW2 - we are actually going over there for once. So let me tell you more: Basically Onboard has launched the first digital snowboard magazine in the US. Here is the link. All you have to do to get on it is follow that link to the holding page and once there type in your name and email address and don't forget to tick the box if you don't want to recieve promo stuff. We have assembled the uber editorial team in the US to bring you the freshest wiz-bang news, veiws, reviews and general snowboarding shenanigans direct to your computer for absolutely nothing - THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE, IT IS FREE! You will get hot shred flicks, banging shots from the field, moving graphic stuff, balloons and much, much more. Hooray, hoorah I hear you holler, as well you should. Well must dash, am off to stuff a quarter pounder with cheese in my face and settle in for the 40 day wait until the first issue arrives in my virtual inbox. Seriously, don't miss out. Sign up today and put a smile on uncle Sam's face.