I love German tidiness and bureaucracy! Did you ever had to paint a rail after hitting it? Well, we had today!

After another late session in Chemnitz, Planet Sports team riders Fips and Tobias Strauss as well as our East German guide Sebi and Isenseven filmer Pirmin picked Torgeir Berre, Peter and me up in our hotel in Dresden this morning. I can't believe these boys still have energy after three days and nights riding in a row - we never went to bed before 2 o' clock and always get up at 8 in the morning. But I have to admit that without the help of our locals Sebi Müller and Jens Kretschmer from the Shredniks crew (who just joined us today to show us around in Dresden) this wouldn't be possible. We save so much time because these guys just show us one sick spot after another. Thanks for your help, Sebi and Jens - you are not only good riders but also good souls!

Dresden is amazing: The center is full of beautiful historic monuments like this golden rider.

When driving around in Dresden this morning, the boys got really excited and we had to stop on almost every corner - this city has serious rail potential but if you have seen some of the Isenseven movies you probably already know this. Nevertheless we found some spots that haven't been hit yet and looked really amazing.

One of them was a triple kink down rail in the middle of some multi-storey buildings that got built when the wall still separated Germany. Ghetto-steeze. In run and out run were a bit tricky as you can see on the pictures but we managed to get some wooden piles and plastic boxes from a close-by supermarket so we could set up a drop in ramp that was as ghetto as the surroundings.

The pictures say it all.

After a while and some vociferous discussions with ignorant residents, the caretaker of the building complex showed up and asked us if we had a permission. Of course we hadn't but I kept smiling and... it worked. He smiled back, said we could do it but only if we would paint the rail in case of scratching it. I smiled again. He smiled back and the deal was sealed.

Of course we scratched the rail so I drove to the DIY store, got some paint and after a 6 hours session, we fulfilled our part of the deal. Here is the proof.

But the day was not over yet. We still had another spot in mind we had seen in the morning but as it was in front of a school we decided it was more safe to come back at night. I dropped the guys off there, drove back into town to get us some hotel rooms but just when I was about to start writing my blog, Peter called me asking if I could pick them up again. They had been busted by the green filth. Some bored residents had called them probably straight after we had arrived there. So when the guys were done with shaping the in run the cops showed up. The funny thing about it: After the had told them they couldn't ride the rail, the proposed to do it at daytime when the residents wouldn't get bothered by the lights and the generator!

So we probably come back there tomorrow morning, maybe after we have done this double kink in a park. With the help of the winch the boys want to jump it upwards and then boardslide it down...

In the afternoon we want to drive further up North and do a session with the Shredniks crew in their backyard park. Our last stop before we will head to Berlin on Friday!

Check back if you want to know if we got busted again...