I went to New York on Thursday, February 8th to meet up with Scott Mallette who is the agent of Mike Goldschmitd, Scott Lago, Tyler Emond and other kids. He told me about that rail incity competition directly at union square and I guessed it is the perfect place to meet. When I arrived in the afternoon, the warm up session with Lago, Wall, Magoon, Vito, MFM, Kaas and many other high roller has already started. The crowd could not get stopped by the ice cold wind which blew all over the place and screamed for more 270`s all night long Best trick was Lucas Magoon`s massive back tail 450 off on the big kink rail but winner of the contest and of $15K was Mr Wall who was definitely the most hard partying guy at the after party (s). It is fashion week in NYC, baby!