First of all: sorry for the absence of entries on my blog. Since I attended the Interactive Communication program at Berghs School of Communication there has been very little time for anything but learning about internet with online campaigns, strategies and online brand- and design management.

In these times of double inverted 1260s and triple backflip 360s I thought I might share some of the early photos of my career. My brother Linus and me always shredded around in Hundfjället where our family holiday house is located. Sometimes we brought an old cam just to document our sessions. Following photos are from a couple of those sessions:

I think the photos are from 1994-1996. Back then spinning wasn’t really that important. If you threw a Mc twist you were the man!

I went to the That's it That's all premier here in Stockholm a week ago and DAMN! Pretty sick riding. But what Really made an impression on me was the beautiful cinematography. That's 35mm for you... Impressive!

Music Tip: Keep of Kalessin - Kolossus