As you may have seen, I set off to Saas Fee for nine days to shoot and film for Nike 6.0. We shot with all the Euro Nike riders and it was sick to meet them all. They came from France, Germany, Austria and Italy and were all very good at snowboarding.

Despite having to get up every morning at 6.30am and grab breakfast and go ride, we still had the energy to be riding at 7.30am on the mountain. The weather held up all week nearly, except one day where it rained heavy on Tuesday night witch meant the mountain had to be closed on Wednesday, but the rest of the week was blue bird and it was brilliant.

When we first looked at the park we knew it wouldn’t be easy because the park was not so good, they had a rubbish halfpipe and the jumps could have been bigger, but we all had lots of fun and learned new tricks and of course got some good shots and footage. When we got down the mountain at around 2.00pm we ate some food and had activities everyday, but the best one of the trip has to be to zip wire across the gorge, the length was around 300 meters and the height was around 200 meters. This was an amazing experience and if I go again ill be doing it for sure. After all this fun we had dinner at 8.00am, the hotel we where in was called Hotel Dom and were very good and looked after us very well.

To the end off the week every one was getting tired and to finish of the week it was pretty chilled and I met up with Josh Dirckson and rode with him for the day, which was great fun.

This was a great week and thanks to Nike 6.0 for doing this trip, it was EPIC!

Peace Out

Jamie Nicholls