On the 4th of November it was the Nike 6.0 Primary Colours Shoot.

It was held at my local slope Xscape, Castleford and thanks to Damian and the team they built a sick park for us to ride and hopefully come out with some great shots. It was all organized by Nike 6.0. Some of the Nike 6.0 riders were there including myself, Sparrow Knox, Chris Knightly and two riders from Germany, Ethan Morgan and Danny. There was also 9 invited riders who all rode really well, including the likes of Chris Chatt, Steve Revill, Laura Berry, James Carr, Tom Guilmard aka Little T and the locals Jonny Russel, Stu Edwards , Laura Hill and Simon Foster. Me, Sparrow Knox and Chris Knightly all had a lifestyle shoot for Nike before we could ride which was fun.

At around 12pm we all went for a practice on the park whilst we waited for the photographers and filmers to get ready. Then at around half past 12 we started to shoot, it was epic because the we switched off the lights, turned on the spotlights so they were pointing directly onto the rails. We also had great effects to make the shoot look really good such as smoke blowers, which Billy Neilson operated quite well. The night went well and everyone was getting some good footage and shots. The night ran into the early hours of Wednesday and everyone was feeling tired by 5am so we did the prize giving for the riders choice award of the night which I won, I was so stoked to get this as I thought the riding was at such a high standard.

There will also be the best photo of the night but that will be a while till we know. I am sure there will be more information in the snowboard magazines soon but I can’t reveal much more on the shots and footage, but when it comes out it’s going to be ace.