So that’s the last day done and dusted on the Nike 6.0 Saas Fee Summer Snow Mission…

Numbers were down today with half of Team UK on crutches, and France and Germany having done one… but those left standing represented despite partying into the wee hours the night before.

We were lucky enough to be joined by guest rider Josh Dirksen for the day who was filming a program for Fuel TV… Jamie Nicholls managed to sneak a few shots in on the 16mm camera the crew were using by physically attaching himself to the guy for the day. Josh is now an expert on Jamie, Halifax dryslope and all things Yorkshire and looked pretty exhausted by the experience.

Everyone else shredded it up for the day, getting those last few shots in the bag and enjoying the blinding sunshine. We finished off with another skate park session, a few more photos and a last night team dinner.

Cheers to the whole Euro crew for a wicked week, Hansi for epic photos, Jon and Josh for filming, Will Hughes ‘the muscle’ for patience and all the riders for throwing down.

Till next time, we’re back to our home countries for some well deserved sleep.