Hello all..

I'm back in Europe enjoying the long days of spring.. I'll keep on writing some lighter blogs along the summer and won't bother you with the more personal ones.. You can check them all at annefloremarxer.com

Here is a hint of the latest one about the new PULP 68 shop in geneva..

Enjoy your summer. and I'll see you up on the glaciers!! aflore

The new Pulp 68 is sick! It’s got a lounge area with old school McDonald's tables to hang out.. and a couple of drinks.. With the decoration of Jim’s favorite Skateboards, videogames, snickers, oldschool stickers collections, etc..

This is the shop section with the cool stuff for sale.. like those mini nikes!

You'll find all kind of mysterious things to contemplate and buy at Pulp 68..

And that’s Jim on the Photo.. he is a good friends of mine.. say hi for me if you see him! he is cool!

Pulp 68 is much more then just a shop, it’s a family, a place to hang out, go check www.pulp68.com for more about the team, funny stuff, news, events and location of the shop! see you there..