Hi everybody,

Yeahh, now we are in Seattle. We got a room at motel 6, grabbed some delicious food at Dennys and fell to bed. Ahh, a bed, what a luxury. The next day we went to Everett, to pick up our mobile homes and hit the road. Paavo told us that we dont miss much in Mt. Baker, cause of heavy rain and so we spent some time in one of those crazy huge anythingyoucanimagewehaveit woolworths to set up our RVs for the trip.

After some overextensive shopping and close to gettin mad we spontaneously decided to try our luck in the casino. Seems like luck is on our side and we won some bucks playin blackjack, while luki headed for the big fish and showed the McDos how poker is being played for real. All in all we kinda rubbed the bank and went out with a big pack of money in our travel budget and headed for Mt. Baker. Cant wait to go shredding!!