A new blog from another up-and-coming Austrian pro rider, Mone Monsberger...

Hallo I am Mone Monsberger!!!

Just a little report about the start of my season: it started with a lot of parties!! Actually it has been the first year that I was filming for a real 16mm film project so I was super happy to go to all the premieres.

We started in Innsbruck: this was the first time I have seen my part. I was so stoked I started dancing while I watched the part! I really liked the music, "Moneybrothers"" I was really happy. Than I went to a few more premieres in Dornbirn, Zürich, Moskaul, Amsterdam, Leon, Nürnberg, Barcelona, Andwerp, Saas Fee and so on. So the season pretty much started with a lot of parties. It was super fun.

I also went to a contest already. I was riding the big air contest in Barcelona where I did a fs 3 onefoot for the first time ever. I was super stoked. I don't like that spin to win contest thats why I started to do something else. It was super good fun. The rest of the time there I was skating!!! I am loving it!!! So that's it with the start for my season. I have to go now!!!

Later, Mone