Got one of next years boards from Nitro. I've always been against having a snowboard on the wall instead of a painting, until now...

If I ever would be asked to design a board it would turn out something like this one. Can it be more black metal? Well, it probably could by adding inverted crosses and burnt down churches... Nevertheless it's a work of art!

Probably that's why the line is called Team Art Attack. When it hits the market, go and get it! If you think you have the balls to ride it that is..

In other related news, my knee is getting better. Too slow though but I will be back soon. Anyway, I'm keeping myself busy. Last week I drove to Västerås to my dad's shop to build me a --------. What it is you will see when the photo will be published. Me and Onboard photographer Peter Lundström got some crazy ideas and in April we're gonna make reality out of them. Those shots are gonna make you start coughing!!!

Until next time- Go crazy!

Music tip: Tuska festival in Helsinki this summer!!! A part of the band list: Immortal, Emperor, Children of Bodom, W.A.S.P, Finntroll, Vader and more. Gonna be insane!!!