The Austrian snow-, skateboard and streetwear Brand LOVE is very proud to release their first team movie. Download it now for free!

The film was done in cooperation with Blue Tomato and it is for sure one of the most different and entertaining snow and skate movies in 2009!

Love snow team riders Marc Swoboda (Blue Tomato team rider), Matevz Pristavec, Seppi Scholler, Thomas Feurstein, Dominik Wagner (also on the Blue Tomato team) and Flo Mausser were busy shooting the whole last year.

From big powder shots at the Arlberg or in Switzerland, massive park jumps in Slovenia, Sweden or the Superpark to the "rainbow jib session". This movie is a good mix of powder, park and jibs! Also the skaters Xico Basabe, Allessandro Massotti and Thomas Vevjar spent days and nights filming and you will see that it was worth it.

Besides this, the riders show that some of them also got other "hidden talents" and the whole crew guaranties that this is for sure the most entertaining and flashiest movie in 2009...

The Video is ON NOW! To download the video just go to

Further information can be found on the Love Website.

Also check out the trailer...