Last August I started working for Onboard as the German editor and since then I almost broke my foot (never – NEVER – try to drink as much as your male colleagues at Oktoberfest in Munich and than jump from a two meter high wall), destroyed one pant (that happens if you have a drink with your editor-in-chief), chased some thieves with the French Special Forces (when a bunch of gangsters were spying out on some apartments in Les 2 Alpes during the Mondial du Snow – unfortunately they could escape), got threatened by an angry subscriber (but the boys assured they would beat him up if he would storm the office) and annoyed by a stalker (who wanted me to join the girls on

You see: A lot of things are going on when you work for a snowboard magazine. But seriously, we also do some work! For example, I will travel to the Burton All Girls Snowcamp in Mayrhofen tonight, which is staying in Mayrhofen for a week, and join snowboard legend Nicola Thost and 30 girls there.... More news when I´m back in the office on Friday!

Live life to the fullest - Mel