Hey all,

Hope you're having some good times, although there is still not enough snow out there and it´s going to get warmer again soon.

I did a couple of contests in the last few weeks. I spent a week in Arosa for the World Championships and competed in the pipe. It was kinda alright for me.

Afterwards I went straight to the Burton European Open for the slopestyle and pipe competition there. I had good times there too, met a lot of friends. Didn't make it to the finals in both comps but in a way I was satisfied with the stuff there. At the moment there is also the new internet movieclip on isenseven online, so you can see what we did over the last month. Check it at www.isenseven.de.

In my last days in Laax where the European Open took place, the new snow came. I spent some hours doing my first powder turns and treeruns. The first time for me that I felt the winter in my face and got caught by the pillows this year. The winter is coming, now I'm infected again, let's get the party started.