Hey Fellas!

Just came home from Rail Battle in Augsburg, Germany. It started on Friday morning with qualification of 55 snowboarders and 15 girls. A lot of international riders found their way to Augsburg City Gallery like Fredrik Evensen, Erik Botner, Daniel Ek, Kareem El – Rafie, Mike Casanova, Silvia Mittermueller, Peter König, Marco Smolla, Marco Swoboda, hole isenseven crew including speaker Esel (Donky) and a lot more.

The best of all, we were in the same hotel all together and so the party was program…

On Saturday, the final day, the best 40 boys and 10 best girls battled themselves in k.o. system. At the end the crowed get stoked by the best 10 male and 5 female shredheads and the winners Erik Botner and Silvia Mittermueller.

After the competition and short shower all the riders met up in Cinemaxx to party themselves. The last came home right exactly for breakfast, it was awesome!

Thanks Lautlos – Crew for a fun weekend!