The boy Nicholls gives us a heads-up as the Nike 6.0 team's time in Saas-Fee winds down.

Today was pretty mellow on the hill but I had lots of fun. Still managing to get up at 6.45am, but as I get my breakfast down in me, I feel fuelled ready to shred the mountain. When I got to the top of the hill I had a few laps in the pipe to get my muscles warmed up, then went over to the jumps to get some shots with Hansi. After this we, meaning Plazy, me and Hansi went to find a feature to slash or get some stylish airs on. We sessioned this till we got a perfect shot, this meant we had to hike it a lot but it eventually paid off in the end.

Getting to the end of the day I had some fun but still meaning I filmed, but we did some backflips out of the pipe and messed around on the rails. This was a good end to the day and finished on a high meaning we got some epic shots, but for one unlucky team member meant he had to go to the doctors to get his ankle checked out. This was Sparrow who killed it all day but his last trick meant he sprained his ankle and misses out the last day of the trip.

This was a good day for me and to finish it all off we went for a skate . Wooooohhhhhooooooo

Peace Out