My name is Vera Janssen and I love snow.

I dont even know why. Where I am from in Germany, a little town called Kempen, really close to Duesseldorf, Cologne, the Netherlands, and the Ruhrgebiet, there are no mountains, no snow. Just a lot of skateparks. My dad took me and my mom skiing to Austria for the first time when I was three years old. I learned faster than my mom so I really liked it. While she was still on the bunny hill I was beating personal speed records with my dad.

When I was eight, I saw a snowboarder for the first time. I had been skateboarding by then and I really sucked bad at it (I still do), and snowboarding seemed really interesting to me. So my dad rented me a board and I loved it right away.

When I was growing up, I wanted to live in Austria. The only chance I saw for me was to drop out of school and become a snowboard teacher. Unless my dad would pay for me to go to a snowboard school, which was pretty unlikely. But when he saw that I was serious about dropping out of school and had things in Austria all lined up for me, he decided to offer me a deal (my dad is a true business man) - I would be allowed to go to a snowboard boarding school that would give me a strict an well-regocnized education if I agreed to go to University right after school and get a degree without any breaks. I said yes.

So that is how I moved to the US, a boarding school in Utah and got to hit my first park rails and jumps in Brighton. I then moved to Lake Tahoe for two years, where the whole snowboard thing took off for me. And Thank God for online University, because I was still in this deal until I graduated in 2005 with a Business Degree (daddy is happy now).

After spending some seasons in Austria, I got drawn back to the States almost two years ago. Actually I was drawn to California sunshine, Mammoth's perfect park, and snowmobiling.... So here i am, living in Mammoth, and life could not be better....

I ride the sickest snowboard equipment, sickest snowmobile, sickest park in sunshine EVERY DAY.

If that sounds stable to you - my life is chaotic and crazy....

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