I really do. Had to go heliboarding last week. During Ispo. They picked us up with a helicopter in Munich and flew us straight to Arlberg. Went riding for a day. I was so happy when we were finally back in Munich!


Fuck, this was the best day since I got this fantastique new surfboard for Christmas. But let me explain to you how and why I got so lucky: I have the best boss in this whole wide world! Danny, Onboard´s editor-in-chief, got offered a one day heli trip to Arlberg when he visited the Protest booth during Ispo. The smart guys from Protest thought it would be a nice idea to give three winners and a journalist the chance to excape the stuffy exhibition halls and remember why we are all actually taking part in this fair - because we love snowboarding. So there was Danny, being offered this unique possibility and what did this crazy man say? "I can´accept this without giving somebody else a fair chance, too." I think after he had lost against me playing 'Paper, Scissor, Stone' he wished he wouldn´t have been that altruistic...

So there I was, with shaking knees after a 2-1 victory against my boss. My mind was going crazy: On one hand I was super happy, almost crying, because I couldn´t believe that I would be going heliboarding the next day. On the other hand I felt guilty because actually it would have been Danny´s trip. But I didn´t even have the chance to think about this too much as Martine from Protest dragged me into the back room of the booth. Can this get any better? "Just pick any outfit you like and then we see you tomorrow at 9 a.m. outside the Ispo exhibition hall. The helicopter will pick you up there and take you straight to Arlberg in 40 minutes!" Yes, it can!

So the next morning I went straight to heaven. Literally. Amazing, how big Munich looks from above. And pretty strange to take a "helicopter taxi" to Arlberg. This is what Walter, the pilot, does most of the time in winter: Taking rich people from Munich or Zurich to Arlberg. Return flight: 3000 euros. Yep. I´m sure this flight was a once in a lifetime experience for me.

As you can probably imagine the day was a blast. Bluebird sky, we found some pow pow and came home with burning legs. One of the funniest moments that day was the skidoo that took us back to the resort after our run: There was just a long rope attached to a sled, we hold on and the guy driving probably thought about Michael Schumacher´s last race when he took off! He was going so damn fast that the last person on the rope (I think it was one of our guides, H.P.) got almost thrown out in every turn. We also almost ran over some of these rich Russian tourists walking on the slope. So much fun.

I think pictures say more than words as if I had to sum up this day I would only say: "Der Wahnsinn!" ("The madness!"). Word.

Thanks Protest, Danny, Walter (pilot), Martin & H.P. (guides), Johan (photographer) and Benni, André & Gregor (winners) for this very special day!