I am Marco Feichtner, 23 years old and live in St. Gallenkirch (Austria). My current sponsors are

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To get to know me a little bit better I want to let you know some key data.

In 2002 I got the opportunity to go to a roadtrip to scandinavia with Gigi, Ludschi, Bags, Flo and Basti. This roadtrip was the beginning of the Pirates www.pirate-movie-production.com. The Pirates gave me the opportunity to be on their movies (until now there are: Shoot your Friends, Pirate Radio, I Remember and this year's video will be called: Lubedence - I am proud to be part of all these videos.) These movie appearances made it possible for me to become get a professional snowboarder.

If you have already seen one of my parts you might already know that I am a 100% backcountry rider, but sometimes you will also find me in the park. That's mainly because there was no park around my home mountain until lately and therefore i grew up in the backcountry. Nevertheless, I do ride contests, but only if I am invited for one. For example I attended the Thoshiba Slopestyle Japen (there were riders like TJ Schneider, Matt Hammer,...), but I usually concentrate on photoshootings and filming.

Marco Feichtner