Just a quick one. I'm in Istanbul right now with the Roxy team. Me, Matt Georges, Kjersti Buuas, Lisa Wiik, Basa Stevulova, Tania Detomas and Margot Rozies plus the organisational powerhouse of Josie Clyde and Stine Brun Kjeldaas. And Gendle, the closest a blond brummie can get to Bond. This place is frickin' epic! It was even snowing here yesterday. Thanks to the Turkish Quiksilver guys we had a killer dinner last night with local music, a bit of dancing and maybe too much Raki - kinda like Turkish Pastis.

Now we're gonna go check out mosques and other cool stuff that Istanbul has to offer. And have a proper kebab.

Off to the mountains tomorrow. Can't wait. Like I said, this place is epic.