Morjea pöytään!

This is Pasi Salminen speaking. I just read Rasmus Tikkanen's blog and I would say I am in the same situation. This is my first blog in my internet history. That may sound bit strange just because people think I am so into the internet. Actually I might be, but my literary skills aren’t that good.

Anyhow I am so called photographer and part-time geek. Winter time I follow snowboarders around Finland with my van. Summertimes I chill and take some skateboarding shots. If I'm not behind camera or driving my car I am sitting front of my computer.

Last night was one of this season's first sessions. I was with Eero Ettala and Janne Heiskanen. We did some fun stuff just for photos. It was so nice to lie in snow and do some shoveling. Work and fun has started!