Hello guys,

We just got back from five days at the Glacier in Hintertux with the German Snowboard Team. The Park there is really good, it offers a sweet shaped Halfpipe, two nice double kicker lines - one for beginners and a bigger one - a good corner and a few small boxes... really nice to get ready for the season. But we left earlier cause the weather turned very bad over the last few days, so I visited my best friend Marco Smolla in Munich for a day, takin a chill day to play some snooker and snakeing his WLAN.

Now we are leaving in about 10 minutes to Augsburg. The PowWow Railbattle is taking place there the next two days, today is qualification and tomorrow the finals. It's also the first day in the season when the IsenSeven crew is coming together to have a great time and film some stuff, it will be heaps of fun. American Rail Ripper Mike Casanova is coming to compete in the event and a lot of other big European names, for more info check out www.railbattle.de.

Ok that´s it, I got to go... take care everybody and keep on shredding!