Got a bunch of stuff done today and tamed the beast. Wahey!

I’ll keep it shortish today as our crew of Chris Sörman, Tobias Karlsson, Ben Kilner and Angus Leith have been pretty productive and now everyone is itching for a bit of good Scottish fodder and a couple beers.

Though the morning started out with the weather looking less than promising, when we got up to the restaurant (after encountering the most bizarre lift queue I have ever been in) the whiteout was lifting and by the time we’d helped Adam the cat dude put the finishing touches to the booter the sun was threatening to break through every now and then. The forecast was for it to clear in the afternoon so we decided to go shoot this cabin ride to drop that Sami and the Swedes had spied on our scouting day.

Happily, the kicker to get the riders onto the cabin proved hassle free to build, the snow being that perfect consistency that you can just dig huge blocks with, so in no time the spot was good to go. It was basically a 2m gap to the roof of the cabin, a short ride of no more than 4m, then a drop to flat-ish. Good job these boys are young and have bendy knees, though the compression was harsh enough for Kilner to slam his elbow into his highback. I just told ‘em to “Be Mikey LeBlanc."

With everyone getting something, we legged it to the park as the weather seemed to be breaking. After a couple of speed checks, the boys started sessioning the kicker and it seemed to work like a charm. Because the lifts were closing fairly soon, we wanted to make sure that we definitely got a shot, so it was mainly steezy bs 180s, fs 3s and a banging bs 5 from Tobias while the local skiers went nuts with 9s and loops. If we get another good weather day we’ll step up the rotation fest and maybe fire off some sequences but with the weather supposed to close in tomorrow we just needed to get some stuff locked down. Even managed to get them jumping the cat, which stoked the pants off Adam.

Just when we thought we were done, Sami spotted the runout of the kids’ sledging area was pretty much perfectly shaped to shoot some handplants, so with the light turning epic we had a fun little session – and I even managed a super shit one. Stoked! With everyone knackered we headed down but almost got floored by the epic heavenly light that was pouring down from the clouds.

Snapping a couple for posterity, I couldn’t help but think that I have one of the best jobs in the world. Though it wasn’t quite as sick as the Turkish sunset a couple months back, it was in my top 3 nature-fag moments of all time. So there. Righto, I think we might have a morning or even a day off tomorrow and shoot some tourist, atmospheric scheisse. Lock Ness, here we come. Nessie, yo’ bitch ass is mine.