Hello folks and folkettes. At the moment I am at the X Games in Aspen and feel compelled to share my delight with the performance of the Euro posse in the slopestyle.

Against a strong field of home-grown talent including the White, Kass and Rice the Euros dominated. Andreas Wiig, after taking what he described as one of his worst crashes of his entire career - which left him with a bruised heel and concussion - took first place with a 5 point lead over Jussi Oksanen in second place. White trailed in third for the first run but rode well in the second only reducing his score by sketching out on the last hit but it was not enough to knock the Euros from their perches.

His anger at the result was obvious and he left the site quickly. Loosing is a bitter pill when you are so used to winning.

Following closely behind White was Antti Autti and Mathieu Crepel. Mathieu will be competing in the pipe qualifications this evening as will Antti.

Bon Chance les Euros...