Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Tom, I'm 30 years old but feel younger or older depending on the time of day. I have been snowboarding since 1993 and spent a lot of my time riding in Chamonix, France. After starting to ride further afield I realised that you can get powder after 10am, which was a nice thing to learn. I now concentrate on trying not to get worse at snowboarding as time goes by, but it is difficult. I am Onboard's English editor, which involves a bit of everything and a lot of turning incoherent ramblings into the Queen's English. Or writing incoherent ramblings in the Queen's English. Or jut writing incoherent ramblings.

Aside from snowboarding, I like to skateboard and surf. I like beer too much, which causes my fellow workers no end of olfactory discomfort on a near daily basis. I like watching the footy, usually with beer, and blindly supported England in the World Cup. Fat lot of good that did. Oh well, roll on 2008. I just got back from an incredible trip to Japan with my better half - what an amazing country. I felt like I was the tallest man in the world. The people are so cool, the sights and sounds were awesome and I even sang Karaoke. If you're there with some mates, you gotta do it.

Right, I'll bugger off now and do some real work. As soon as anything interesting happens that I feel like sharing with the cyberworld, I'll pop it up.